Top 5 UPSC-CSE misconceptions to debunk before the exam | Education

Top 5 UPSC-CSE misconceptions to debunk before the exam | Education
Top 5 UPSC-CSE misconceptions to debunk before the exam 

Here are the top 5 myths about UPSC-CSE that you need to clear before the exam

A long period of being confined in myths about UPSC will tarnish the glory of such an illustrious career in the Indian Administrative Services. Every year, thousands of aspirants leave CSE preparation because only preconceived notions stand in the way. With a success rate of less than 1%, it is no wonder that there are many myths and misconceptions and conflicting stories about the exam.

In this eye-opening article, CivilsDaily debunks the top 5 myths that a genuine eager-beaver needs to clear before UPSC-CSE, one of the best guides of UPSC:

UPSC Myth 1: UPSC-CSE is difficult to crack.

It is an undeniable fact that UPSC-CSE is a highly competitive exam and the success rate is quite low. However, it is not the toughest exam in the world.

Hard work, calmness, a practical strategy and an experienced mentor can make an aspirant an essential qualification. There are many examples of mediocre students who have cleared this exam with only 10 months of preparation.


UPSC Myth 2: You have to be from a certain strong background

Birds of a feather flock together. UPSC exam is open to all, irrespective of your educational background.

The civil service serves as the backbone of the country's administrative machinery. Any graduate can participate in 'Service to the Nation'.

Even if your English is not that strong, you are still a challenge. Find the problem. Put some effort into it.

All you need is a basic command of the English language. Also, you can write the exam and conduct the interview in your native language.

UPSC Myth 3: You need to read countless books

Save yourself from getting carried away by the stream of material. Success is not in books but in the mind.

Buying multiple books is now an old and abandoned route for UPSC preparation. Toppers do not read many books rather they read one book multiple times.

UPSC Myth 4: Only full-time candidates can clear the exam 

CivilsDaily's Hall of Fame has about 150 candidates who have passed the exam as working professionals. This year, the students of CivilsDaily – Vaibhav Rawat (AIR 25) and Ravi Kumar (AIR 84) worked really hard in their respective jobs and studies before tasting success. 

This breaks the myth that only full time candidates can clear the exam.

UPSC Myth 5: Everything an IAS aspirant needs to know under the sun

No, still, you are wrong. UPSC follows the syllabus to the letter. While it may seem that the questions are coming from somewhere other than the syllabus, they are tied to it in some way or the other. 

He should grab the opportunity when he gets it. Many come from humble backgrounds and have cracked the exam.

Whether one agrees or not, hard work, dedication and guidance from mentors are the key ingredients for success in this exam.

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