Top 10 Universities in India That Offer Cybersecurity Degrees | Education

Top 10 Universities in India That Offer Cybersecurity Degrees | Education
Top 10 Universities in India That Offer Cybersecurity Degrees 

Indian Universities recognize the need to offer cybersecurity degrees in a data-centric era

Cybersecurity is becoming of key importance in this data-centric world due to the increase in cybercrime across the globe. No industry, individual or company is safe in the hands of cybercriminals who are ready to steal sensitive data from a system. Therefore, there is a growth in demand for cybersecurity degrees at the bachelor's or master's level, such as B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Cybersecurity in multiple educational institutes. Indian universities offer knowledgeable and practical cyber security courses including cryptography, ethical hacking and many more in the form of cyber security degrees. Let us explore some of the best Indian universities that offer cybersecurity courses to aspiring professionals in this field.

Top Ten Indian Universities With Cyber ​​Security Degrees In 2022

Amity University

Course: M.Sc. in Cybersecurity

Location: Jaipur

Eligibility: B. Tech or B. Sc. in Forensic Science or B.Sc. in any technical field

The course offers one of the best degrees in cyber security through practical curricula such as Internet Technology, Network Security and Cryptography, Cyber ​​Security, Workshop Reports, Social Work, Crypto Lab, Behavioral Science, IoT, Protocol Design insurance, digital hardware modeling and many more. 

Lovely Professional University

Course: M. Tech in Information Security and Cyber ​​Forensics

Location: Jalandhar

Eligibility: 60% aggregate B. Tech grades in any technical field or MCA or M.Sc. in computer science or computer science

The course on cyber security offers two types, basic and basic, which include cyber policy and compliance, cyber security fundamentals, digital forensics, investigative fundamentals, network security and cryptography, biometric security, mobile phone security and many more. 

National Forensic Sciences University 

Course: M.Sc. in Cybersecurity

Location: Gujarat

Eligibility: B.E. or B. Tech in any technical field or B.Sc. in IT/Computer Science/Electronics or BCA or equivalent qualification from any recognized university with a minimum of 55%.

The cybersecurity degree offers a curriculum that includes cybersecurity essentials, incident response management, cybersecurity auditing and compliance, web application security, artificial intelligence and data science, mobile phone security, and many more.


Course: B. Tech CSE with specialization in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

Location: Bhopal

Eligibility: Higher Secondary Examination 10+2 final exam by State Board, CBSE and ISCE with Biology/Chemistry/Physics

This cybersecurity degree offers cybercrime, cyber law and ethical hacking, forensic accounting, fraud detection, mobile device forensics, IoT security, artificial intelligence in cyber forensics, and many more.

Mizoram University

Course: Executive Diploma in Cybersecurity

Location: online

Eligibility: Any graduation or equivalent (10+2+3) with Higher Secondary Mathematics from any recognized university or board

The cybersecurity course offers specialized knowledge in the domain of cybersecurity with multiple aspects and concepts, such as Governance and Information Security, Information Assurance and Risk Management, Ethical Hacking, Network Security and many more.

Gujarat University 

Course: Master in Network Security

Location: Gujarat

Eligibility: n/a

The cybersecurity course includes important aspects of cloud technology and information security with functional knowledge of data centers, cryptography, ethical hacking, network security, server security, application programming, cyber law, and many more.

Sardar Patel University of Police 

Course: M. Tech in Cybersecurity

Location: Rajasthan

Eligibility: Minimum 55% on qualifying exam or B. Tech in CS/ECE/IT or MCA or M.Sc. in Computer Science

The cybersecurity degree offers to produce highly-skilled manpower in the information security domain with specializations such as securing allied networks and infrastructure, security testing, information testing, forensic investigation, and many more.

Silver Oak University

Course: M.Sc. IT with Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

Location: Gujarat

Eligibility: Professionals, entrepreneurs and cybersecurity professionals

The cyber security course covers concepts related to cryptography, infrastructure security, ethical hacking, device hacking, application security, web application hacking, digital forensics and many more with a custom cyber lab and industrial networking.

Parul University

Course: B.Sc. IT in Cybersecurity and Forensics

Location: Gujarat

Eligibility: Passed 12th in any stream with English and Mathematics from a Statutory Examination Authority

The cybersecurity degree offers exposure to the protection and security of an individual's privacy and data encryption. It helps to get enough experience to provide cybersecurity solutions in cyberspaces with fundamental concepts of Python, web development, relational database management systems, computer graphics and many more.

Aligarh Muslim University

Course: M.Sc. in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility: n/a

The cyber security degree is known to cover a wide range of concepts such as cryptography, database management systems, computer organization and architecture, data communication and computer networks, cyber crime and cyber law, cloud security and many more. 

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