Awesome Pokémon Video Shows What It's Like to Walk in Onix on Victory Road | Entertainment

Awesome Pokémon Video Shows What It's Like to Walk in Onix on Victory Road | Entertainment
Awesome Pokémon Video Shows What It's Like to Walk in Onix on Victory Road 

An incredible but terrifying Pokémon animation showing what it would be like to run into real life Onix while exploring Victory Road

Pokemon is presented as a cute, family-friendly franchise full of adorable creatures that players can catch and add to their collection.  One of the reasons why Titanic Pokémon look cute instead of terrifying in Pokémon is that they are presented as cartoons.  Realistic-looking Pokémon are pretty scary, as proven by a recent animation that shows a Pokémon trainer encountering a giant onix while exploring the Road to Victory.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by The Revival, which makes similarly very creepy Pokémon content.  In this video, a Pokémon Trainer is exploring a Dark Victory Road when they come across an item inside a Poke Ball.  After collecting a revive from a Poke Ball, an onyx makes its presence known, and it looks absolutely terrifying, to say the least.

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Comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive, with much praise for the revival's incredible work.  However, some viewers were confused about what the Pokémon Trainer collects at the beginning of the video, however, with some debating whether it was supposed to be Thunder Stone or Revive.  However, watching one of the revival's previous videos lets fans know that it's probably supposed to be a revival, not Thunder Stone.

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A previous video uploaded by Revival shows a Pokémon Trainer shopping at Poke Mart.  The video, highly detailed and realistic like the Onix One, is primarily about a Pokémon trainer being haunted by Gengar terrorizing the store.  However, viewers can also see many of the items lining the shelves at Poke Mart, with the group of items found front and center in this video.  Due to the size of the item and the fact that similar people were seen in the Poke Mart video, this has led many to conclude that it is a revival.

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Anyway, The Revival keeps putting out incredible Pokemon videos like this, so fans of the franchise should definitely consider following them on TikTok to see more videos.  Some of his other videos include what it would be like to face a Hunter in real life, while the most recent videos show what a real-world Poke Ball factory would be like.  It will be interesting to see what The.Revival is able to dream up next, and with Pokémon Scarlett and Violet on the horizon, they are likely to have a lot more sources of inspiration in the relatively near future.

Source: Dalton Cooper, GameRant, Direct News 99