8 incredible AR leaders to look out for in 2022 | Technology

8 incredible AR leaders to look out for in 2022 | Technology
8 incredible AR leaders to look out for in 2022

8 amazing AR leaders to discover in 2022

Currently growing at a phenomenal rate of around 40.9% CAGR, the global Augmented Reality industry is going through a period of explosion.  By 2028 alone, the industry could be worth a massive $97.76 billion, fueled by a rapid increase in the number of AR-enabled devices, software solutions, and digital experiences.

Augmented Reality is not just an exciting trend in the digital landscape;  it is also one of the core tools capable of paving the way to a future in the metaverse.  By combining our real-world environments with digital assets, AR can deliver enhanced experiences for businesses in virtually every industry.

Today, we'll look at just a few of the AR innovators paving the way for the future of augmented interactions.

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Allison Partners

One of the leading PR firms in the digital landscape investing in extended reality opportunities, Allison Partners is helping some of the world's leading brands connect with their audience through immersive technology.  Innovators in both mixed and augmented reality, Allison Partners have earned some powerful partnerships with leading brands over the years, including companies like Qualcomm.

For businesses hoping to tap into AR as a marketing, branding, and customer experience tool, Allison Partners could offer a great insight into what the future of advertising might look like.  The company already has excellent insight into the opportunities in the metaverse for advertising and promotion.

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Magic Leap

Magic Leap has had some trouble gaining ground in the XR space in the past, but the challenges facing the company seem to disintegrate when confronted with its new enterprise-focused approach.  Today, Magic Leap creates immersive AR headsets specifically for business environments.  The company promises some of the best optics on the horizon for businesses seeking world-class image quality and unbeatable collaboration.

Tools like the Magic Leap 2 headset provide an incredible 70-degree field of view, perfect for designing expansive digital workspaces in AR.  Enterprise-ready devices are as light as a pair of headphones, designed with a strong focus on ergonomics, to support leaders in manufacturing, defense, healthcare, and other sectors.

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Longan Vision

An unforgettable company in the AR landscape right now, Longan Vision is changing the way we view first responder roles.  The organization has long focused on developing smart products aimed at improving the work experience and productivity of first responders.  With powerfully engineered AR products, Longan Vision can help firefighters save lives and protect themselves in dangerous scenarios.

The Fusion Vision System helmet, for example, is an AR Smart Visor capable of attaching to a firefighter's helmet to provide additional information in the field.  The technology allows firefighters to locate victims, see through smoke and find fire sources at high speed.  Tools like this show us how AR could potentially save lives.

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Yord Studio

By making immersive experiences and extended reality technologies more accessible to the masses, Yord Studio ensures that all businesses can discover the power of AR.  With this world-leading design and development studio, in-house designers at any company can create end-to-end XR experiences for clients and colleagues alike.

Yord Studio not only gives you the tools you need to create augmented reality interactions, the company can also provide you with step-by-step guidance, expertise, and strategic support.  Focused on creating fully integrated extended reality experiences, Yord Studios is one of the leading companies driving the future of AR interactions.

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Formerly "REWIND", Magnopus is a digital design studio committed to creating virtual and augmented reality experiences for a host of different use cases.  Specializing in making complex transformation technology more accessible and easier to understand, Magnopus is one of the market leaders responsible for creating a host of powerful AR interactions today.

The company offers custom design experiences for businesses looking to create next-generation cross-platform experiences perfect for the age of the metaverse.  This company has already helped leading brands like Sony Music and Verizon create sensational CX environments for customer-customer interactions.

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Great AR experiences are so much more than the right set of smart glasses and smart sensors.  Businesses and developers must also be able to access the right software to create rich and engaging AR interactions.  Unity is one of the market leaders today responsible for providing end-to-end authoring platforms for augmented reality innovation.

Industry-leading software development tools allow AR creators to access a fully unified workflow across a multitude of devices.  Unity technology provides a purpose-built framework for AR development, as well as library resources and XR interaction toolkits.  The Unity MARS ecosystem even provides AR creators across industries with specialized tools to instantly improve their workflows.

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One of the major companies receiving the most attention in the innovative AR landscape today, Apple has been experimenting with augmented reality experiences for a while now.  The company is already responsible for one of the world's largest AR-enabled platforms in the form of an app store, and there are even tools available within Apple's developer landscape to help you create your own immersive apps.

In the future, Apple plans to invest in even more advanced AR experiences, creating smart glasses and smart tools for the workforce.  However, we're still waiting to see Apple's first set of smart glasses emerge at this point.

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Lenovo is one of the market leaders in the immersive technology landscape with a focus on virtual and augmented reality creations.  From an augmented reality perspective, Lenovo offers access to tools like the Mirage Solo, the first standalone Daydream headset with the Mirage camera, to instantly share once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Lenovo also recently worked with the Disney company to create an app-enabled augmented reality Star Wars experience.  The Star Wars "Jedi Challenges" experience is an interesting glimpse into the possible future of augmented reality gaming.  Lenovo's smart tools combined with the company's commitment to ease of use make it a great addition to our AR list.

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