7 Incredible Mixed Reality Solutions to Review in 2022 | Technology

7 Incredible Mixed Reality Solutions to Review in 2022 | Technology
7 Incredible Mixed Reality Solutions to Review in 2022 

7 Amazing Mixed Reality Solutions to explore in 2022

Mixing the real and virtual worlds to create something completely new, mixed reality is one of the least explored parts of today's immersive environments. While we have just begun to scratch the surface of mixed reality with AR (Augmented Reality), there is still a lot of work to do before we see a fully customized MR experience in the everyday world.

Mixed Reality goes beyond the basics of AR to make the virtual and real worlds more connected and aligned than ever before. Creating a true mixed reality experience requires access to cutting-edge software and hardware, as well as endless creativity and intuition.

Fortunately, there are a handful of companies in the MR space that are starting to make waves in the industry. Here are some mixed reality solutions you should explore if you want to see what's really possible with MR.

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Allison Partners

An interesting example of a company making progress in a mixed reality environment, Allison Partners is a communications and marketing company focused on helping companies take advantage of the latest tools in the innovative digital landscape.

Allison Partners is at the forefront of the marketing and promotion landscape, investing in everything from mixed and virtual reality experiences to powerful Metaverse opportunities. With Allison Partners, companies can be one step ahead of their competition in the evolving digital landscape, with more immersive customer experiences and marketing initiatives.

Few other marketing companies have taken the same cutting-edge approach to helping their clients explore immersive landscapes as Allison Partners.

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Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft is probably one of the most well-known companies experimenting with mixed reality environments right now. The company has been leading the way in the future of holographic and mixed reality experiences for some time, thanks to the Hololens headset and Microsoft Mesh.

As Microsoft's HoloLens experience becomes increasingly immersive and advanced, companies are increasingly seeing the potential of this unprecedented technology in their own business ecosystems. Microsoft HoloLens has helped countless companies in the health, education, engineering and manufacturing sectors achieve new levels of productivity.

There is no doubt that Microsoft will play a role in the continued development of Mixed Reality, and how we explore the MR world.

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Augment IT

Want to venture into the possibilities of Mixed Reality for your first time? Augment is a dedicated team of IT partners who can work with businesses to unlock new workflow experiences with mixed and augmented reality.

As more companies continue to look for ways to digitize the workflow of distributed teams, Augment is paving the way for a new future of IT productivity, collaboration and innovation. The company can help brands across multiple industries, including construction and construction, to create their own AR and MR experiences.

You can design fully tailored, interactive, and bespoke immersive experiences for your audience, with solutions that work across a wide range of the most popular devices.

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Another well-known example of a company experimenting with mixed reality landscapes, Varjo creates a combination of mixed reality and virtual reality devices for the modern world. Focusing on the hardware side of the industry, Varjo's powerful headsets are leading the way in the future of holographic collaboration experiences and product ideas.

Part of what makes the Varjo such an incredible contender in the field of mixed reality is the company's continued focus on using enterprise-level technology. Varjo believes in building solutions specifically designed for business environments, which is why the company is trusted by some of the world's top industry leaders.

Varjo is already helping companies from different industries around the world reach new levels of productivity through the benefits of mixed reality.

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Arvizio is a company committed to bringing augmented and mixed reality experiences to enterprise environments. This incredible company shows business leaders what they can achieve by investing in the next level of technology offered by augmented reality.

With Arvizio, companies can immerse their team members in collaborative experiences with 3D visualization of large models, perfect for multi-location and multi-user collaboration across multiple devices. You can also create your own step-by-step AR guided instruction experience, access amazing 3D models and documentation, and set up tools for a remote expert experience.

With partners like MagicLeap and Microsoft, Arvizio is no stranger to the nuances of building amazing augmented and mixed reality experiences.

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Fundamental VR

Don't let the name fool you, Elemental VR just doesn't work in virtual reality. The company helps brands take advantage of all manner of augmented reality, including mixed and augmented reality. With access to countless tools designed to help brands embrace the benefits of immersive technology as well as haptics and machine learning, fundamental VR could change the way you think about modern business processes.

Fundamental VR specializes in solutions for the healthcare sector, where its Fundamental Surgery platform can deliver multimodal learning and simulation experiences across all types of mixed reality and mobile devices. The company is the only one in the industry that has already received academic accreditation from several leading medical institutions.

With the MR Educational Platform, healthcare companies can educate and support their professionals like never before, with truly immersive experiences.

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One of the leaders in the MR environment for educational and collaborative experiences, Taqtile is currently leading the way towards more productive deskless work. Taqtile's powerful platform can provide teams with instant step-by-step guidance and support, wherever they are. Suitable for a range of industries, technology can help make working and collaborative experiences on the job.

Perfect for reducing the time required to dedicate team members to complex tasks and jobs, Taqtile helps business leaders around the world get the most out of their distributed teams. With this platform, you can ensure that your staff members always have access to the expert support and guidance that they need.

Taqtile already has many great reviews and testimonials from brands, as well as case studies you can visit to learn more about the platform.

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