What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how does it work | Education

What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how does it work | Education
What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how does it work | Education

What is SEO and how to do search engine optimization?

What is SEO and why is it important for a blog?  The simple answer is SEO is the lifeblood of blogging.  Because if you want to write a good article, if your article is not ranked properly, then the chances of getting traffic in it are negligible.  In such a situation, all the hard work of the writers goes into the water.

In today's digital age, if you have to come in front of people, then online is the only way where you can be present in front of crores of people simultaneously.

If you want, you can be present here only through video or you can reach people through your written material.  But to do this, you have to come to the first pages of search engines because these are the pages that visitors like more and trust them more.

But reaching here is not such an easy task because for this you have to do SEO of your articles properly.  Meaning that they have to optimize properly so that they can rank in search engines.  And its process is called SEO.  Whereas in today's article, we will get information about what SEO is called and how it is done.

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique by which we bring our post or page to the top of any search engine, or rank it.  We all know what a search engine is.  When it comes to search engines, for your information, let us tell you that Google is the most popular search engine in the whole world, apart from this there are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo.  With the help of SEO, we can keep our blog in the number 1 position on all the search engines.

For example, if we go to Google and search by typing a keyword, then Google shows you all the content related to that keyword.  All this content that we see comes from different blogs.

The result we see at the top is ranked No.  1 in Google, which is why it has maintained its position at the top.  On number 1 it means that SEO has been used very well in that blog, due to which it gets more visitors and that is why that blog has become famous.

SEO helps our blog to rank number 1 in Google.  This is a technique that increases the number

By placing the number of visitors to your website at the top of the search results of search engines.

If your website is at the top of the search results, then the first internet users will come to your site, which increases the chances of getting more and more traffic to your site and your income also starts getting good.  It is very important to use SEO to increase organic traffic to your website.

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What is the full form of SEO?

The full form of SEO is "Search Engine Optimization".

Why SEO is Important for Blog? 

You have already known what SEO is, let us now know why it is important for a blog.  We use SEO to make our website accessible to people.

Suppose I have created a website and have published good quality content in it, but if I do not use SEO then my website will not be able to reach the people and there will be no use in making my website.

If we do not use SEO, then whenever a user searches for a keyword, even if your website contains content related to that keyword, the user will not be able to access your website.

This is because the search engine will neither be able to find your site nor will it be able to store the content of your website in its database.  This will make it very difficult to get traffic to your website.  Therefore it is very important to do SEO properly on your site.

SEO is not that difficult to understand, if you learn it, then you can make your blog much better and increase its value in search engines.

After learning SEO, when you use it for your blog, you will not see its result immediately, for this you will have to be patient and keep doing your work.  Because the fruit of patience is sweet and you will definitely see the color of your hard work.

As I have already said how it becomes necessary to do SEO for ranking and traffic.

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Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so important?

Let us know about the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

Most of the users use search engines on the internet to get answers to their questions.  In such a situation, they pay more attention to the top results shown by the search engines.  So if you also want to come in front of people, then you also have to take the help of SEO to rank the blog.  That is, you have to come to the first page of Google search result.

SEO is not only for search engines, but having good SEO practice helps in enhancing the user experience and also increases the usability of your website.

Users mostly rely only on top results and this increases the trust of that website.  That is why it is very important to know in the context of SEO, as well as keep yourself updated.

SEO is also very important for the social promotion of your website or blog.  Because people who see your site in search engines like google, most of them share them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

SEO plays an important role in increasing the traffic of any site.

SEO definitely helps you to stay ahead of any competition.  For example, if two websites are selling similar things, the website that is SEO optimized attracts more customers and increases their sales while others are not able to do so.

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Types of SEO

here are two types of SEO, one is Onpage SEO and the other is Offpage SEO.  The work of these two is completely different, let's know about them too.


1. What is On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO works in your blog.  This means designing your website properly which is SEO friendly.

Use templates on your website by following the rules of SEO.  Writing good content and using good keywords in them which are most searched in search engines.

Using keywords in the right place like title, meta description on page, using keywords in content makes it easier for Google to know what your content is written on and help your website rank on Google page quickly does.  Due to which the traffic of your blog increases.

How to do On-Page SEO?

Here we will know about some such techniques, with the help of which we will be able to do On-Page SEO in a good way on our blog or website.

1. Website Speed

Website speed is a very important link from the point of view of SEO.  A survey has shown that any visitor stays on a blog or website for a maximum of 5 to 6 seconds.

If it does not open within this time, it leaves it and moves to another.  And this applies for Google as well because if your blog doesn't open quickly then a negative signal reaches Google that this blog is not that good or not very fast.  So keep your site speed as good as possible.

Here I have given some important tips by which you can increase the speed of your blog or website:

  • Use simple and attractive themes
  • Don't Use Too Many Plugins
  • Keep image size to a minimum
  • Use W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache Plugins

2. Navigation of the Website

It should be easy to move around in your blog or website so that any visitor and Google will not have any problem in going from one page to another.  The easier the navigation of the website, the easier it will be for any search engine to navigate the site.

3. Title Tags

Make the title tag on your website very good so that if a visitor reads it, then clicks on your title as soon as possible, this will increase your CTR as well.

How to make a good title tag: Do not use more than 65 words in your title because Google search does not show any title tag after 65 words.

4. How to Write the URL of the Post 

Always keep your post URL as simple and short as possible.

5. Internal Link 

This is a great way to rank your posts.  With this you can interlink your related pages.  This allows all your interlinked pages to be ranked easily.

6. Alt Tag 

Be sure to use images in posts on your website.  Because you can get a lot of traffic from the image, so while using the image, do not forget to put ALT TAG in it.

7. Content, Title and Keywords

As we all know about content it is a very important link.  Because content is also called king and the better your content, the better will be the value of the site.  So write content of at least more than 800 words.

With this you can also give complete information and it is also good for SEO.  Never steal or copy content from anyone else.

Heading: Special care should be taken of the headings of your article because it has a great effect on SEO.  The title of the article is H1 and after that you can nominate subheadings with H2, H3, etc.  With this you must use the focus keyword.

Keyword: Use LSI Keyword while writing your article.  With this, you can easily link people's searches.  Bold important keywords with it so that Google and visitors know that these are important keywords and will attract their attention.

These were a few points about some of the information about On-Page SEO. 

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2. What is Off-Page SEO?

All the work of Off Page SEO is done outside the blog.  In Off-Page SEO, we have to promote our blog, like visiting many popular blogs, commenting on their articles and submitting a link to our website, we call it backlink.  Website benefits a lot from backlinks.

Make an attractive page of your website on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora and increase your followers, this is likely to increase more visitors to your website.

Submit a guest post on the blogs of big blogs that are very popular, so that visitors to their blog will get to know you and traffic will come to your website.

How to do Off-Page SEO? 

Here I will tell you about some Off Page SEO Techniques which will prove to be very useful for you later.

1. Search Engine Submission

Your website should be properly submitted in all the search engines.

2. Bookmarking

Pages and posts of your blog or website should be submitted to the website with bookmarking.

3. Directory Submission

Your blog or website must be submitted to a popular directory with high PR.

4. Social Media

Create a profile on your blog or website page and social media and add a link to your website like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

5. Classified Submission

You must advertise your website for free by visiting the Free Classifieds website.

6. Q&A Site

You can ask any question by visiting the Q&A website and you can enter a link to your site.

7. Blog Commenting

By visiting the blog related to your blog, you can comment in their post and put a link to your website (the link should be kept where the website is written).

8. Pin

You can post the image of your website on Pinterest, this is a great way to increase traffic.

9. Guest Post

You can do guest post by visiting the blog related to your website, this is the best from where you can take do-follow link and that too in the right way.

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3. What is Local SEO 

Often people ask what is Local SEO?  If I believe it, the answer lies in the question itself.

If you do Local SEO then it is the sum of two words Local + SEO.  That is, SEO is done keeping in mind the local audience, which is called Local SEO.

It is a technique in which your website or blog is specially optimized so that it ranks better on the search engines for the local audience.

By the way, with the help of a website, you can target the entire Internet, whereas if you want to target only a particular locality, then for this you have to use Local SEO.

In this, you will have to optimize the name of your city, while also optimizing its address details simultaneously.  On the other hand, in short, you have to optimize your site in such a way that people can know you not only online but also offline.

Example of local SEO

If you have a local business, such as a shop, where people often visit, you can optimize your website in such a way that people can easily reach you in real life as well.

If here you only target your local area and SEO optimized your site accordingly.  Then this type of SEO is called "local SEO".

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What is the difference between SEO and Internet Marketing?

Many people have many doubts regarding SEO and Internet Marketing.  They think that these two are often one and the same.  But in response to this, I want to say that SEO is a type of tool, it can also be called a part of internet marketing.  Using it makes internet marketing very easy.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO is an important part of SEM.  Let us know about both SEO and SEM.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process by which a blogger optimizes his blog or website in such a way that he can rank the blog articles in search engines and from there he can bring free traffic to his blog.  SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a marketing process by which you can make your blog more visible in search engines so that you can get traffic whether it is free traffic (SEO) or paid traffic (paid search ads).

The main purpose of SEO is to optimize your blog/website properly so that it can get better ranking in search engines.  Whereas with SEM you can get more things than SEO.  Because it is not only limited to free traffic but it also includes other methods like PPC ads etc.

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About SEO Terms 

If you have a blog or website then you will know a lot about basic SEO, how it works.  But I know that many of you are not even aware of the basic SEO terms.

That's why I thought why not inform people about some very important basic SEO terms so that you can also know about them.


Also called a link or simply a link, it is a hyperlink to another website that points to your website.  Backlinks are very important from the point of view of SEO, as it directly affects the search ranking of any webpage.

Page Rank

PageRank is an algorithm that Google uses to estimate which relatively important pages are located on the web.

Anchor Text

The anchor text of any backlink is a type of text that can be clicked.  If your keyword is present in your anchor text, then it will also help you a lot in terms of SEO.

Title Tags

The title tag is primarily the title of any web page and is a very important factor for Google's search algorithm.

Meta Tags 

By using meta tags, like title tags, search engines know what's in the content in pages.

Find Algorithm

With the help of Google's search algorithm, we can find out which web pages are relevant across the internet.  About 200 algorithms work in Google's Search Algorithm.


Its full form is Search Engine Result Page.  It basically shows only those pages which are relevant according to Google search engine.

Keyword Density

This Keyword Density shows how many times any keyword has been used in the article.  Keyword density is very important from the point of view of SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

As I have already said that Keyword Density is very important from the point of view of SEO, but if a keyword is used more then it is called Keyword Stuffing.  It is called Negative SEO because it has a bad effect on your blog.


 It is nothing more than just a file that is placed at the root of the domain.  Using this, the search bots are told about the structure of the website.

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What are the organic and inorganic results?

There are mainly two types of listings on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) - organic and inorganic.

In this we have to pay Google for Inorganic Listing.  That is, it is Paid and money has to be paid in it.

While organic listing is completely free, that is, we can also come on the top page of Google without paying, but for this you have to do SEO first.

Is SEO easy to teach or do?

There is no simple answer to this.  Because no one can ever fully master SEO, the reason is that there are always changes.

In such a situation, if you are serious about blogging, then you must keep information about SEO Tutorials.  By doing this, they are going to be of great use to you in the future.  There are no such rules of SEO, rather it is based on some Google algorithms and it keeps on changing.

One thing should be kept in mind that if someone tells you that he is a big SEO expert, then never believe him because till date no one has been able to master SEO.

This thing is something like this and it keeps on changing with time and as per the requirement.  But still, there are some basic principles of Google SEO guide which are always the same.  That's why bloggers should always keep themselves updated with new SEO techniques.

With this you will get to know about the trends going on in the market, so that you can also bring necessary changes in your articles, which will help you to rank later.

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Is SEO always changing? 

Yes, SEO is always changing.  This is because the search engine's algorithm is always changing, in the same way we have to change the SEO in our site so that it appears at the top of the SERP.

What is the best SEO strategy?

No SEO strategy is the best.  This is because the strategy or technique of SEO is always changing.  So it would not be right to consider one's strategy as the best.  It would be better if you keep doing your own research and experiment, this will give you an idea of ​​the things that work right.

Does page speed matter in Google rankings?

Yes, page speed has a different importance in Google ranking.  The better the speed of the page, the easier you can rank on Google.

What did you learn today? 

You all must have understood what is SEO (What is SEO).  If you have any doubt regarding this article or you want that it should be improved, then you can write short comments for it.

Easily now you can feel free to answer what is SEO.  We will get a chance to learn something and improve something from your thoughts.

If you liked my article on Search Engine Optimization or learned something from it, please share this post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. to show your happiness and curiosity.

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