The Top Ten Countries with the Best Higher Education Systems | Education

The Top Ten Countries with the Best Higher Education Systems | Education
The Top Ten Countries with the Best Higher Education Systems 

Which countries has the best education systems in the world? 

There are 195 countries in the world out of which almost all countries have at least primary level of education.  Education is a very important factor, it is a foundation which enhances our knowledge and gives us an understanding about the world and the infinite possibilities that are provided to us as a human being.  Schooling and higher education colleges play a vital role in providing individuals with subjective, theoretical and practical information about the subjects that we address in our daily lives.  So it is naturally necessary that the education system should be accessible, reliable and should also have a qualitative structure that educates an individual and helps in their career growth and expansion of knowledge.

Students are constantly on the hunt to find a list of countries with the best education system.  There are many countries that have a good supportive education system that is reliable with quality content and teachers or professors who promote an individual's subjective, theoretical and practical knowledge.  Students are now generally looking to approach the foreign education system for better education and career opportunities.  Education rankings by country are generated from multiple sources however we have managed to obtain and compile data that will provide answers to your queries.

This is a frequently asked question by students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad.  We have compiled the following information citing several reliable sources to answer this frequently asked question, see the list below for the top 10 countries for education: 

Note - Countries are not ranked nor arranged from best to least ranked, the information below focuses significantly on providing information about the best countries for higher education.

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1. United States Of America (USA)

The American education system is considered one of the countries with the best education system.  Along with the top universities in the country which are widely known for their education offer and program structure as well as other benefits like recruitment.  Students chose USA as their preferred destination because of the wide opportunities to learn and experience the best educational examples that benefit their career development.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland's education system is appreciated and included in the best education in the world list.  The education system in Switzerland encourages its students to acquire academic knowledge from some of its top ranked universities in the country which focus on imparting knowledge of the individual's desired curriculum.  The program structure in universities focuses on providing advanced information to its students in their tertiary schools/college i.e. higher education.

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3. Denmark

With a 99% literacy rate in Denmark, the country is considered among the top educated countries in the world.  The Danish education system divides its secondary and tertiary level of education into the following areas, allowing students to determine the education of their choice:

Types of Bachelor's Degrees in Denmark

  • Academy Profession Degree
  • Professional graduate
  • Top up degree
  • Business Academy Bachelor's Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Types of Master's Degrees in Denmark
  • Master's degree
  • Artistic Master's Degree
  • PHD degree

Academia in Denmark is renowned for its unique settings among universities that declare to provide healthy knowledge to their enrolled students.

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4. United Kingdom (UK)

In some parts of the United Kingdom, the education system is managed by separate governments.  The well-known government of the United Kingdom is responsible for the education system in England, while other parts such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are managed by their respective governments.  Universities in the UK are famous all over the world since their inception which goes back to history.  The world education system lists the United Kingdom as one of the best places to study and gain knowledge.  This system addresses all topics from art, business to management.

5. Sweden

The population of the country is not more than one lakh.  With manageable citizens and a literacy rate of almost 100%, Sweden is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for higher education.  Along with some of its general academic degrees, Sweden also offers a number of business and professionals in fields such as engineering, law, and medicine.  The Swedish education system is quite pleasant and with the data obtained, the advanced educational practices in the country are highly reliable.

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6. Finland

As of 2000 statistics, the literacy rate in Finland is 100% and still remains so.  The education system in Finland is designed for students who choose full-time education.  Tertiary or higher education universities in Finland are divided into two areas - universities of traditional and applied sciences.

Traditional University

Also known as research based universities which focus on theoretical education of subjects.

University of Applied Sciences

Subjects under applied science mainly focus on either industry development projects or professions which are essential in the world such as medicines, etc.

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7. Netherlands

The Dutch based education system was established back in 1800 and has continued to implement new educational practices since then.  The higher education system in the Netherlands is similar to the Finnish education system where university norms are divided into two areas.

Research Oriented University 

WO (wetenschappelijk onderwijs) stands for Scientific Education Subject, which focuses on theoretical and research based subjects such as arts or sciences.  Students can research subjects independently after completing courses from WO Universities or go on to pursue a PhD based degree.

Higher Vocational Education 

HBO (Hoger Beropssonderwijk) stands for Higher Education and Professional Training Subject, which focuses on applied and applied science subjects preparing students for specially targeted occupations.

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8. Singapore

The Singapore education system is one of the most developed in terms of program or term structure, quality of education and values ​​imparted by Asian schools and colleges.  The higher secondary education system in Singapore consists of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degree programs where students have the opportunity to learn in an advanced setting and structure provided by Singapore universities and also prepare themselves for the work force environment.  

9. Canada

Countries with the best higher education systems rank Canada on the list because of its quality and equality of education.  The major two languages ​​in Canada are English and French, the education system in Canada is flexible.  Reputable universities in Canada offer a range of educational programs that are reliable and have quality educational content or structure that helps students to improve their academic knowledge.

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10. Australia

Private and public schools/universities in Australia are commendable.  International students approach Australia for its quality educational practices and the availability of almost all subjects of interest in the country.  The Australian government is determined to provide its students with high quality education while improving its tertiary education management.

The education system across the world is determined to be better with more opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge about the subjects in different universities of the world.  Education is an important exercise that enhances a person's literacy, awareness and familiarity with familiar or unfamiliar concepts.

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