The 21 Worst Movie-Based Video Games: From E.T. The Alien and Dragon Ball Evolution to Rambo | Games and Entertainment

The 21 Worst Movie-Based Video Games: From E.T. The Alien and Dragon Ball Evolution to Rambo | Entertainment
The 21 Worst Movie-Based Video Games: From E.T. The Alien and Dragon Ball Evolution to Rambo 

From E.T. The Alien and Dragon Ball Evolution to Rambo, here are the 21 Worst Movie-Based Video Games

Entire generations have lived in fear that their favorite video game would make the leap to movie theaters. Or, rather, that everything that fascinated them about them ended up being nonsense on screen.  Movies like Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat: Annihilation or the recent Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City are very illustrative examples and even filmmakers like Uwe Boll created their own legacy that can be summed up in turning good games into bad films.  But let's be fair, there are video games based on great movies that also have crime.  Lots of crime.

At Direct News 99 we have told you about video games that are so good that they surprise and give new life to movies, such as Aladdin from Mega Drive, the remake of Ratchet & Clank or Jurassic World Evolution 2, which is a perfect prequel to the climax of the saga.  Some even continue what was seen in theaters and almost deserve the consideration of a sequel in the form of a game, such as Blade Runner or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Until then, all good.

But let's be fair, there are other video games that dared to reimagine the movies on which they were based, and the truth is that there is no way to save them.  And that hurts, since in most cases they had everything to succeed beyond the commercial.  Games for consoles or PCs so bad that it is only possible to defend from love and nostalgia.  Although, as we will see, some other game there is that is unjustifiable.

And it is that if we mentioned Boll before when referring to filmmakers who managed to make shooting bad video game-inspired movies an art form in itself, we cannot ignore the legacy of the infamous LJN and how it transformed the successes of the Disappointing video game theaters and lackluster conversions.  And, as you will see, it was not the only one.

Below you will find 21 video games in alphabetical order that will make you suffer in a different way than that standardized by Capcom of Megaman and Ghosts 'n Goblins or more recently Fromsoftware.  Almost all of them have been discontinued or are out of the commercial circuit, luckily or unfortunately, but they have been so damn bad that, even decades later, we have not forgotten about them.

There are many more, of course, although you had to put the stop somewhere and you have the comments section to share your best and not so pleasant memories of all those who did not make the cut.  Because, possibly, with what we bring you we will open Pandora's box.  You have been warned, dear reader.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • Based on: The Alien Saga
  • System: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

That we start with Aliens: Colonial Marines is due to an alphabetical order, but we must recognize that it is the perfect game to lead the list: None of the three versions of the game reaches a score of 50 in Metacritic and even falls below 4 out of 10 by the players.

The motives?  What should have been a direct sequel to Alien 3 was a sad shooter with soulless visuals, ridiculous artificial intelligence and enough bugs to change the horror sticker on the box for a humorous one.  Seen this way, it's a shame that the Wii version was cancelled.

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

  • Based on: Bad Boys II
  • System: PS2, Xbox, GameCube and PC

Imagine a simple version in all its sections and in very limited settings and on foot from GTA III.  A very unpolished game, with graphics from the intermediate stage of PS1 and in which all the successes and milestones of the Rockstar game are removed.  Add to that a jokey aiming system and now take that thinking back to 2004, a year in which PS2 and contemporary consoles had achieved miracles in 3D action games like San Andreas.  The disappointing result is the official Bad Boys II video game.

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Back to the Future

  • Based on: Back to the Future
  • System: NES

The NES version of Back to the Future is our first foray into an LJN that could not be missing from the list.  An adaptation where you don't need to watch any of the movies, because it basically boils down to an arcade experience that alternates levels where you have to catch countless alarm clocks lying around on the street, flirt with your mom in a high school classroom, or dodge lightning bolts. absurdly with the DeLorean.

Let's face it: Back to the Future, the video game, was several years ahead of the less inspired era of Flash video games.

Batman and Robin

  • Based on: Batman and Robin
  • System: PlayStation

Everyone has their favorite Batman.  From Tim Burton's films to Christopher Nolan's, going through Snyder's or the recent The Batman.  Even the one played by Adam West has his own fans!  But there is a consensus: both Joel Schumacher movies are very bad.  And the official Batman & Robin video game is even worse.

On a visual level, it may even surpass some other PS2 gem that you will see in this same list, but don't be fooled: the mobility of the Dark Knight and the levels that do not take place on the road are a real drama.  Those of the batmobile are also, but not as much.

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Beverly Hills Cop

  • Based on: Hollywood Super Detective 
  • System: PS2

Released exclusively on European soil, the Beverly Hills Cop video game is a very sad and poorly executed attempt to give the Axel Foley film saga its own Goldeneye 007. In fact, any resemblance between the protagonist and Eddie Murphy is purely coincidental.  But the icing on the cake is that, despite how bad it looks in motion and how bad the controls feel, we are talking about a title from 2006.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

  • Based on: The Amazing Adventures of Bill and Ted
  • System: NES

Bill & Ted's Bogus Adventures video games were produced for dozens of systems, from the Commodore 64 to the Game Boy to the Atari Lynx.  And, unsurprisingly, the NES also had its own bespoke version.  Possibly the worst of all.

From the start, to travel between phases you had to write down and memorize a phone number that gave rise to a tedious game of puzzle and skill.

But, in addition, the development in isometric scenarios is chaotic.  Sometimes you get stuck in parts of the level and other times you don't quite know where to go or who to talk to, not to mention that each jump is a draw where sooner or later you'll end up tripping and on the ground.

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Cat Woman

  • Based on: Cat Woman
  • System: PS2, GameCube and Xbox

To this day we do not know what was worse: the movie or the video game.  The big screen adaptation of Catwoman is deservedly among the worst superhero movies in history ever shot, but that doesn't justify what happened with the game: the official video game was an absolute disaster at the controls, of course, but the design of its levels deserves a separate treatment.  Of course, the appearance of the protagonist was quite successful.

Charlie's Angels

  • Based on: Charlie's Angels
  • System: PS2 and GameCube

The artistic section of a game must be a resource or an attraction for those who hold the controller.  The thing about the official video game that Charlie's Angels was sobering: in addition to all the levels in which the protagonists fight in bikinis, the character models were blatantly simple and the settings generally poor.  But it is in his sad beat'em up proposal where the game falls to the ground and invites you to leave it there.

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The Crow: City of Angels

  • Based on: The Raven: City of Angels
  • System: PlayStation

On the heels of the release of the sequel to The Crow, Acclaim released the official video game for The Crow: City of Angels, bringing together two elements that were very promising on the original PlayStation, but especially disastrous: the Alone in the Dark gameplay and cameras. and the action of the Beat'em Up. Aiming was a drama but, with everything, it must be admitted that the result did not look bad at all for the time.

Dragon Ball Evolution

  • Based on: Dragon Ball Evolution
  • System: PSP

There is something more painful for a fan of Goku and Akira Toriyama's saiyans than the Dragon Ball Evolution movie: its official video game.  Elaborated by Dimps for Bandai Namco itself, it is a generic fighting game that shows that a bad adaptation of another bad adaptation does not turn the result into something good.

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E.T. The Extra Terrestrian 

  • Based on: E.T. The Alien
  • System: Atari 2600

It has been said that the E.T.  The Alien was the cause of the Atari era coming to an end.  Burying the countless returned cartridges may support that theory, but the truth is that game was made too quickly to hit shelves in time for Christmas.  As a game it is not entirely clear that it was entertaining, but it arrived more polished and tested than some other game released today.

Fight Club

  • Based on: Fight Club 
  • System: PS2 and Xbox

The first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club.  The second rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about the Fight Club Video Game.  I wish Fight Club was a hallucination that was never meant to happen, but we want to believe that it's all part of an elaborate prank perpetrated by Tyler Durden himself.

And beware, if you played long enough you would unlock Fred Durst, the lead singer of Limp Bizkit.  If we are honest, the price to pay was and still is too high.

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Bonus Stage: Star Wars: Master Of Teras Kasi

  • Based on: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and the Expanded Universe
  • System: PlayStation 

On paper, making a 3D fighting game with all the heroes and villains from Star Wars is a fantastic idea.  Let characters from the expanded universe like Mara Jade sign up, even better.  And that unique elements are added, such as the art of the Teras Kasi that does exist in the current canon, is a hoot.  In practice, LucasArts premiered on PlayStation slipping in all the sections where a video game could fail.

The Karate Kid

  • Based on: The Karate Kid
  • System: NES

That you can get through all four of the game's stages in ten minutes without setting out to break a record is the least of The Karate Kid's problems.  We can even argue that there are a number of parallels with the two movies counted on the fingers of one hand.  But the game mechanics and sprites are inexcusable.  Of course, the bonus phases catching flies with chopsticks were at least original.

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Kinect Star Wars

  • Based on: The classic Star Wars trilogy
  • System: Xbox 360

LucasArts wrapped Kinect with Star Wars Kinect, an experience designed specifically for motion sensing with lots of ideas based on the movies.  That sounded good, of course, but the end result is the closest thing to watching the Star Wars Christmas Special: you know it's bad, you know it exists and although there are some salvageable things, with which experiment once you have more than enough.

Rambo: The Video Game

  • Based on: Cornered
  • System: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Halfway between parody and homage to Silvester Stallone's pure action movies, Rambo: The VideoGame is an arcade-style shooter released a couple of decades late and on the wrong systems: that experience would make a minimum of sense and justification in arcades, but not in some machines in which the FPS evolved definitively.

So bad it's good?  By that rule of three, several of this list would be saved.  But it is that in this case it was crowned as the worst game of 2014 by our own readers.

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  • Based on: Robocop 
  • System: PS2, Xbox and PC

That the creators of Superman 64 dared to make a new 3D video game based on an icon of the small and big screen puts anyone on notice.  However, the look of this FPS based directly on the movies wasn't as bad as the N64 game.  Unfortunately, appearances are deceiving.

Doing a First Person Shooter where the targeting system is a mess is a huge mistake.  Having your hero move slowly is a problem, and having the ratio of ammo to enemies working against you is a sure sign that too many quality checks weren't done.  In all fairness, its frustrating level design didn't help either.

Tomorrow Never Dies

  • Based on: Tomorrow Never Dies
  • System: PlayStation

Matching 007 Goldeneye's bar was very difficult, but what Electronic Arts did with the next adaptation of the secret agent with a license to kill was downright terrible: gameplay that was too clunky for a third-person shooter that looked far below what was achieved in a 32-bit Sony that in 1999 had blown our minds several times with very powerful games.  All wrong.

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Top Gun

  • Based on: Top Gun: Idols of the air
  • System: NES

That one of the greatest blockbusters of the emerging star Tom Cruise had a video game did not catch us new.  That it was an aerial combat simulator for the NES also sounded very daring.  However, you had to have more skill than Maverick himself to understand or sense what was happening on the screen.  The most curious?  Believe it or not, Konami made a sequel.

Total Recall

  • Based on: Total Challenge 
  • System: NES

Don't be fooled by the quite worthy presentation of the official Total Challenge video game for the NES: its level design is horrifying and the way in which the enemies act is a real torture and an unnecessary exercise in patience and skill.  Not to mention the stormy phase of the Bird's Eye Taxi: managing to do something so simple wrong has merit.

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Extra Ball: Superman

  • Based on: Superman: The Last Son of Krypton 
  • System: N64

That you see the Superman video game for N64 in this list is on the merits of the video game itself.  Or rather demerit: Titus made an almost unplayable cartridge, very poor looking and Warner, for its part, did not make it easy for the developers.

It was based on the animated series, of course, but the truth is that there was a movie released in domestic format: Superman: The Last Son of Krypton.  An excuse, after all, not to leave out one of the worst video games in history.

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