Rec Room has 3 million active monthly VR users | Technology

Rec Room has 3 million active monthly VR users | Technology
Rec Room has 3 million active monthly VR users 

Rec Room reaches 3 million monthly active VR users

The mini-game social platform Rec Room has set a new milestone, reaching 3 million monthly active users in its VR version, quite an achievement for virtual reality, but which still represents a small percentage of the total, since this application is also available for computers, PlayStation, Xbox or iOS and Android devices.

In the last year, the number of VR users has tripled, a strong growth that was especially noticeable after this year's Christmas campaign and that has remained stable since then.  However, the increase in players is even greater on traditional platforms (mobile, consoles, computers), although no figures have been given, and it is still expected to reach more audiences by launching a version for Nintendo Switch, something not yet official.

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Rec Room has also announced these days an alliance with the NBA, and now users will be able to dress their avatars with accessories from the 30 teams that are part of the professional basketball league in the United States.  In addition, virtual spaces have been created for the occasion, such as an experience that will be part of the lobby throughout the 2022 postseason, in which we will be able to play basketball.

The success of social platforms with immersive versions such as VRChat or Rec Room is the goal that Meta wants to achieve with Horizon Worlds, whose number of monthly active users was only 300 thousand last February.

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Keep in mind that this incipient metaverse is still in beta and not available outside the United States and Canada, in addition to not yet having a web version or a mobile application, which will arrive later, as confirmed by the Meta CTO, Andrew Bosworth in the middle of a controversy over commissions in the monetization of his VR social network.

Source: Rec Room, Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99