How to raise poultry with Virtual Reality | Technology

How to raise poultry with Virtual Reality | Technology
How to raise poultry with Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality can help you raise poultry

Some poultry processing operations are using virtual reality in factory-based robotics, allowing workers to perform their jobs in a safe environment.

Georgia Tech's agricultural technology research program is exploring ways to incorporate automated solutions into difficult high-turnover poultry processing environments.

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Annual turnover up to 100% 

Food processing environments are often designed to be cool to prevent the growth of pathogens, but the low temperatures and physical demands of the job, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in 40-100% annual turnover.

To address this, the Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) combines virtual reality with factory-based robotics in specific poultry processing activities such as cone loading, where chicken carcasses are placed on cones for further processing. I'm looking for it. The legs and thighs have been removed.

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Loading corn sounds easy, but it's not, says Conrad Ahlin, a research engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, this is a necessary function. ,

ATRP's robotic solutions enable workers to deliver critical information from a virtual reality environment to functional robotic systems. Efforts to fully automate normal poultry processing activities have so far failed due to the erratic and adaptive size of poultry. However, Orin thinks that may change with virtual reality.

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"Virtual reality is building the bridge where information can be passed between human operators and robotic devices in unprecedented ways."

A provisional patent has been applied for...

ATRP has filed a provisional patent for virtual reality research and is working with the Georgia Research Consortium to develop a commercial roadmap for the technology.

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The potential of virtual reality could be transformative, says Georgia Tech's lead research engineer Gary McMurray. For that, you can sit in West Virginia, put on a VR headset and work from home. You are no longer geo-restricted, it's powerful. 

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