Demeo Analysis: Virtual reality was built to enjoy experiences as enjoyable and one-of-a-kind as this | Technology

Demeo Analysis: Virtual reality was built to enjoy experiences as enjoyable and one-of-a-kind as this | Technology
Demeo Analysis: Virtual reality was built to enjoy experiences as enjoyable and one-of-a-kind as this 

Demeo Analysis: Virtual Reality was developed so that people might have fun and unique experiences like this one

If you are also one of those players who continues to have faith in virtual reality, Demeo is one of those games that invites you to continue holding on to what for many is still a burning nail. It is experiences like this, fun and unique, that give meaning to this technology.

The typical American pajama party in which you play a role-playing game in an 80s basement, but playing through glasses and watching your characters launch tornadoes and showers of arrows on the table. That's Demeo and, incredible as it may seem, it's a real joy.

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Demeo has everything we ask of Virtual Reality

With an equally enjoyable solo mode, but with the main asset of being able to play with friends or strangers in games of up to four players, Demeo places us before a table with three different scenarios and five heroes to choose from.

From the hand of the knight, the bard, the archer, the assassin and the magician, each with their own abilities, our challenge will take us through three scenarios while we annihilate enemies, collect gold to gain skills and open chests that allow us to add even more more powers.

In addition to moving and attacking by picking up the piece with your hands and placing it wherever possible, turning your wrist will show you all the skill and power cards that you have achieved during the game.

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Single-use or after cooling, they will be in charge of taking our strategy a step further, either through devastating special abilities, summoning beasts to fight us or, of course, performing healing when we are in a rush.

Demeo: Easy to understand, but with a lot to master

With exquisite control that allows you to zoom in from far away at the table with a pan of the room to practically get into the action, the first thing that strikes you about Demeo is how accessible it is.

It is one of those titles that seem like an endless world behind the page, they become the simplest and easiest thing to understand during the first bars and, little by little and as you unravel its depth and all the elements that you can take advantage of in your favor. to win, you return to the starting point happy to know everything you have to master.

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It could err on the short side with only three scenarios, but between their randomness and the difference in using one character or another, it will be difficult for two games in a row to taste the same to you. It is amazing how much it is capable of offering with a relatively simple idea.

From the hand of unlockables such as new aspects for avatars and characters, dice and other cucamonadas, Demeo becomes one of those games that you want to go to from time to time instead of wanting to burn it in one sitting. And so, like someone who peeks into the board game cabinet on a Sunday afternoon, the next day may be more virtual than real.

Personal Opinion on Demeo

I had been wanting to get closer to Demeo for a long time to see if all that barrage of positive comments that he garnered in the middle of the pandemic were right or wrong. And yes, they were not wrong in the least.

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In addition to being one of those virtual experiences where it feels like you're really sharing a room with your friends, it's going to be hard for all of you, whether you're an expert or a novice in the world of tabletop role-playing, not to end the game with a smile of ear to ear Without a doubt, this is one of the most important paths that virtual reality must exploit.

Demeo: Features

  • PLATFORMS - PC and Oculus Quest (Reviewed Version)
  • DEVELOPER - Resolution Games
  • COMPANY - Resolution Games
  • LAUNCH - May 6, 2021

Demeo: Pros

  • A unique experience
  • Great fun with friends and strangers
  • Easy to understand, yet deep to master

Demeo: Cons

  • Hopefully some more option to play cooperatively via mobile or passing the glasses
Source: Vida Extra, Direct News 99