Education Galaxy Complete Review | Education

Education Galaxy Complete Review | Education
Education Galaxy Complete Review | Education

What is Education Galaxy and how does it work? Best Tips and Tricks

Education Galaxy is a digital tool that aims to help elementary students prepare for tests.

Education Galaxy combines question-and-answer learning with games to help students learn in an engaging way.  The goal is to help prepare them for the test.

This digital system provides an effective way to help the classroom learn.  Instead of being assigned a book with questions, students can work independently and reveal answers as they go, learn from mistakes, and stay focused as they progress.

The free-to-use platform also provides feedback so that teachers can chime in on how students are doing as well as how fair the class is as a whole.  It's a learning and feedback tool all turned into a simple and fun system.

Read on to find out everything you need to know in this Education Galaxy review.

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What is Education Galaxy?

Education Galaxy is an online learning platform that uses a combination of games and exercises to help students learn in an engaging way.  Since it is based online, it can be used on a variety of devices, making it a great way to provide access to digital education for all schools.

The tool is intended to enhance learning for K-8 students, although it also features Liftoff Adaptive Intervention, an intervention tool that can help struggling learners.  It ascertains the student's level through assessment, then helps them work towards the progress goal.

Specifically back to Education Galaxy, which also serves as an assessment tool using questions and answers to better prepare students for the state test.  This Tier 1 tool aims to meet the state standards by offering a variety of programmes.

It covers all the major foundations, from math and science to language arts and reading.  The use of a game-based reward system has been shown to be effective in increasing students' grades by making them more engaged in learning.

The student is given immediate feedback on their answers so that they can learn from the mistakes, but more on that in the next section.

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How does Education Galaxy work?

Teachers can sign up for Education Galaxy for free and start using it right away.  There are paid options available, but it's easy to get started for the basics.  Access is provided to thousands of questions that can be answered online or printed out for worksheet use.  It is the online format that is really beneficial.

Since everything is done on the computer, the teacher can choose a set of questions based on some parameter or subject.  Then students can work through multiple choice questions.  If they fix it, they are given access to a game.  If they get it wrong, they are immediately given a video explanation of how to find the correct answer.

Points and rewards are given to help students see how they are progressing.  Teachers can create specific study plans for individual students to ensure they are making progress in areas they need improvement.

Questions are available in both English and Spanish, which allows for multi-language learning as well as learning across languages.

Teachers can see how individual students have performed on tests to gauge their progress and use this to assign more tasks or future tests.  The layout in the chart makes it easy to see at a glance how this progress is correcting over time.

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What are the Best Education Galaxy Features?

Education Galaxy games are fun and engaging, making for a truly sought-after reward for students.  But, importantly, they are brief and time-bound, serving only as a reward, not a distraction.

Questions are plentiful, with over 10,000 available.  Each has its own video guidance so that if students get it wrong, they can be taught mastery and learn from their mistakes.

The Assessment Builder tool is very useful to help you take full advantage of this system.  Teachers can create assessments tailored to the specific topics that are being covered in the classroom, offering a test bank from each section of the standard.  For example, you can then create a semester exam that covers multiple subjects.

The Space Alien theme is fun and provides a fixture throughout the platform, making it a welcome addition for students to learn from and use.  From exotic ranking cards and customizable avatars to upgradeable blasters and group competitions, there's plenty to keep students coming back for more.

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How much does Education Galaxy cost?

Pricing for Education Galaxy is divided into three categories of schools, parents and teachers.

For school planning, you need to fill out a short online form and submit it so that you can start the process of getting a quote for your institution.

For the parent plan, the pricing is simple with a rate of $7.50 per month.

For the Teacher plan, pricing for Basic is free, which limits you to 30 students for all subjects or 150 students on a single subject.  Or there's the premium plan for $9 per month for access to all sports, more reports, diagnostics, student access to personalized paths, test and alignment builders, more rockets to collect, plus student access to My Skills Practice.

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Education Galaxy Best Tips and Tricks

Go school-wide

This alone is a powerful tool but with an administrator account it adds more features, such as an overseas field, advanced assessment sheets, and all-teacher connections.  worth having.

Use at Home

For students outside the classroom, either distance learning or after school, it can be a great tool for further learning.  Assign tasks so that students can proceed and progress on their own time.

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Get Real

Print exotic avatars and badges to stick around the room to blur the line between the classroom and the digital learning environment, leaving students feeling more immersed and engaged than when they walk through the door.

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