Krust and Animoca brands lead a $3.75 million seed round for KlayCity | Business and Technology

Krust and Animoca brands lead a $3.75 million seed round for KlayCity | Business and Technology

KlayCity has raised $3.75 million in a seed round lead by Krust and Animoca

KlayCity Never Z, FriendsGames, A&T Capital, OKX BlockDream Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Kairos Ventures, ROK Capital, StableNode, Erico, HD, Play participated in the Crust and Animoকা$ brand collections. Exnetwork Capital and Kwon Do et al. KlayCity is shaping the future of mirrored virtual worlds, expanding its reach in the global marketplace and bringing much-needed PortFi portability to crypto enthusiasts around the world.

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KlayCity is a Metaverse LandFi set on improved land in 2080. Built on the Klaytn network, players can use NFTs, $LAY tokens, and $ORB tokens, and participate in a variety of activities, including measuring, searching, and leveling. Based on KlayCity's original story, the company has made a big plan to develop its IP business in different fields.

Land NFTs are created by dividing land into regions based on actual population centers. Land NFT owners can participate in the NFT and can create a USD LAY token every 30 days based on the level of the Land NFT, and they will be able to create a new Land NFT by burning a certain amount of LAY and $ORB.

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KlayCity successfully completed the pre-sale of NFT land on February 10 at a price of 500 KLAY per NFT. While OpenSea trading was active, the region recorded a high of 684 120,000 KLAY on March 11. This is 240 times the initial mint price - 500 KLAY, reflecting strong investor and industry interest in the project.

“With funding from our investors and strategic partners, KlayCity Land will continue to use NFTs to create virtual worlds so that users can have a completely different crypto experience,” said Jack Choi, CEO of Clarity.

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KlayCity brings a new experience to Metaverse LandFi around the world. Their new features will be released soon in the first half of 2022.

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