How to build passive wealth with a digital course | Education

How to build passive wealth with a digital course | Education
How to build passive wealth with a digital course?

With a digital course, you can build passive wealth

The creation of digital courses is booming.  However, its extreme growth has seen a disproportionate decline in course quality and spiraling course completion rates.  Struggling to find a curriculum that provided technical training, along with industry-leading business strategy and support, Jessi Penner devised her own method for taking her students beyond the 6-figure ceiling.

The global beauty industry will be worth $716 billion by 2025. Jessi Penner, founder of Fixe Beauty, the world's first Pink Collar University, Penner is at the forefront of this revolution.  By addressing the issue of declining course completion rates, his innovative digital course 'The Society' is helping his students build legitimate passive wealth.

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With the start of Fixe Beauty, which was founded on a $500 credit card, Penner sought to put more money in the hands of good women.  In the span of 4 years, this single mom with a dream built the world's first Pink Collar University.  Surprisingly, the company that prides itself on being the future of education for beauty professionals experienced its first million-dollar month during the middle of the pandemic.  The program now has a student community of thousands of women, who are on their way to creating 6 figures.  Penner's advice on how to build passive wealth through a digital course she offers?  Community and impeccable course content.

Build a community and a culture to complete

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A successful digital course depends on the community.  It's an edge that Penner and her team have cultivated from the start.  Optimizing the path of an early entrepreneur, as she builds her first successful business, requires unequivocal support, accountability, and mentorship.  By asking her target audience better questions, Penner discovered that one element missing from other digital courses was a connected student community with 24/7 support and an entrepreneurial culture.  Her strategy revolutionized the way education is delivered within the beauty industry.  Her course now educates over 20,000 passionate students.  “Our community is made up of graduates, ambassadors and alumni.  Every comment and question is answered, and this is the difference;  together we get everyone across the finish line.”  Penner shared.

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In its four years of operation, Fixe Beauty has experienced exponential growth through the impeccable results of The Society courses.  Without technical training, along with industry-leading strategy and support, other courses fail to take their students beyond their current limitations.

“Within 'The Society,' our 90-day program designed specifically for women dedicated to becoming 6 Figure Lash Pro's, we are committed to guiding all women who are passionate about the beauty industry to create true financial prosperity.  Providing elite technical training and coaching to help our students become leaders in this industry.  We have created a formula that not only generates passive income, but also creates entrepreneurs and is changing the lives of women and their families”, explained Penner.

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The formula includes 3 main pillars: Mindset, Money and Marketing.  Students are taught to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, constantly innovate, pivot, and overcome obstacles to growing a business.  In doing so, they learn to anchor themselves in the wisdom that a successful business is only as strong as the foundation on which it is built.  Further developing an understanding of the complexities of money and creating passive income, students are guided through the final pillar of developing a multi-million dollar marketing strategy.  Providing elite technical training to each student is an indispensable prerequisite for the successful implementation of the Pillars course.  Penner has always wanted to know the "why" behind what makes something work, which encouraged her dedication to her craft and elevated her experience within the industry.  By teaching her students to develop a deep understanding of the mechanics of what they do, why they do it, and the science behind it, unshakable confidence is built and leading lash artists are born.

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Be an example of what is possible

In the words of Dolly Parton, "If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and be more, then you are an excellent leader."  Within Fixe Beauty, Penner has built a powerful community that fosters leadership and success from the inside out.  Built on the values ​​of empowerment, choice and belonging, Fixe Beauty's success during global financial chaos is a testament to Penner's belief that every business is scalable.

Source: Mike Swigunski, Forbes