3 CrossFit Exercises To Make Your Legs Strong | Health and Fitness

3 CrossFit Exercises To Make Your Legs Strong | Health and Fitness
3 CrossFit Exercises To Make Your Legs Strong 

You will be able to strengthen your legs by performing three exercises of this great discipline

Crossfit is a discipline devised by Greg Glassman that is characterized by varied exercises performed at high intensity that are combined with each other.  Although it is recommended to practice it in a box accompanied by a coach who can guide you during the activity, you can also adopt some of his exercises to strengthen various muscle groups from home.

In this sense, you should know that some of these movements are designed to strengthen a certain muscle group or more than one.  In this case, if what you are analyzing is doing leg exercises, then do these three, designed to make your legs stronger.

1. Deadlift

To start, stand up and grab a few dumbbells in your hands.  These should have the weight that best suits you and with which you feel comfortable.  Standing with your legs open at shoulder height, slightly bend your knees and bring your trunk forward.  Then, helping yourself with the strength of your legs, return to the starting position.

2. Wallball

Another crossfit exercise that you can do next is this.  Take a ball or something that is shaped like that and has some weight and face a wall.  Then do a squat.  When you get up, stretch your arms and throw the ball towards the wall, when you fall, you need to catch it again with your hands and do another squat.

3. Box Jumps

Lastly, find a wooden crate that is secure.  Stand in front of him, gain momentum and jump until you're on top of him.  Lower and repeat the activity until you complete 10 repetitions.  If it is very complex, then go up one by one as if it were a step.

Remember to always have medical check-ups before starting physical exercise or strength routines.  Also consult a professional who supervises your routine and monitors it.

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