Titan EyeX Smart Glasses: The Best Smart Glasses | Technology

Titan EyeX Smart Glasses: The Best Smart Glasses | Technology
Titan EyeX Smart Glasses: The Best Smart Glasses 

Titan EyeX Smart Glasses Launched, Click Selfie as well as Calling with Spectacles, Find Out More here

Titan Eye+, India's largest eyecare chain, has unveiled Titan EyeX, a smart glass. You would be able to take selfies with the aid of it. There would also be a phone option. Simply, people would be able to perform all phone tasks with the assistance of smart glasses. Midnight Black is the color choice for this smart glass. The Titan Eye+ locations as well as the Titan Eye+ official site would sell the smart glasses. The pricing of the Titan IX Smart Glass is Rs 9,999.

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Titan EyeX Smart Glasses Review

True-Wireless (TWS), Open Ear Headphones, and CVC will all be included in the Titan EyeX Smart Glass (Clear Voice Capture). The smart glasses have Bluetooth version 5.0 dynamic volume control. The ears are not blocked or covered by this open-ear wireless audio. Titan EyeX will have the capability for phone calls. That is, smart glasses will be able to accept voice calls. There will also be an option to decline the call. Aside from that, smart glasses will have the ability to play music. You'll also be able to take selfies using smart eyewear. Touch control has also been provided on the smart glass's left and right sides for this purpose. Many more intelligent characteristics have also been provided.

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Titan EyeX Connectivity and Support

It is also not only a hardworking technological product with a lot of features. Titan EyeX Smart Glass would be a relatively light device. In smart glasses, Qualcomm chipsets have been employed. Audio, pedometer, touch control, as well as several lens types, are all supported by smart glasses.

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Best Features of Titan EyeX

1. The best audio in the class

2. Control by touch

3. The fitness monitor

4. iCare Notifications with voice activation

5. Create a comfortable environment

6. Support for Android and iOS devices

7. Pleasant aversion

8. Sunglass Mode, Computer Glass Mode, and Spectacle Mode are all available

Courtesy: Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99