Reason: Why does the height of children exceed that of their parents | Health

Reason: Why does the height of children exceed that of their parents?
Reason: Why does the height of children exceed that of their parents 

Why is it that children are taller than their parents?

New Delhi: You must have noticed that the height of the children of the house often exceeds that of their parents. But have you ever wondered why this happens?  Actually, many scientists did research to know the answer.

According to research, there have been many reasons for this that decide why the height of the child is more than the parents. Let me tell you the scientific reason for this.

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Height difference comes due to many reasons

According to the report of BBC's online magazine Science Focus, the connection of length between parents and children is like their genes. But there are also many such factors which affect the length.  For example, the presence or lack of adequate nutrients in the parents and their diseases affects up to 20% of the child's height.  The factors related to the body of the parents have an effect on the children, but it also changes to some extent when the country changes.

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These countries live so much length

In simple words, research done in Australia says, boys here are up to 1% taller than their father's length.  At the same time, the height of girls is 3% more than that of their mother. At the same time, in the Netherlands this figure is double.  The height of boys here is about 2% more than that of their father and the height of girls is about 6% more than that of their mother.  Research says, although the height of children can be more or less depending on the health and diet of the parents.

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The height of boys increases more rapidly

According to the report, the height of girls increases faster than boys, why does this happen?  The healthline report says on this, it is directly related to the hormones released in puberty. In these, thyroid, growth and sex hormones have a role.

Source: Zee News, Direct News 99