5 crypto tokens to keep an eye on, according to experts | Cryptocurrency

5 crypto tokens to keep an eye on, according to experts
5 crypto tokens to keep an eye on, according to experts 

5 Crypto tokens that experts say should be on your radar

The crypto market has lost its luster in some time as the total market cap of the new age asset class slipped below $ 2 trillion.  During Bitcoin's 13th Anniversary celebration, the carnage in the crypto cart continued thanks to the restrictive stance of the Federal Reserve, suggesting earlier than expected rate hikes.  Despite the recent correction, investors are looking for tokens that can reward them with high returns.  To make the cherry-picking easier, crypto experts have a few names for them on the map:

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Axie Infinity (AXS)

The metaverse is currently the hottest trend in the blockchain space.  Investors are excited about the prospects of decentralized, blockchain-based virtual worlds.  Axie Infinity is currently the trendsetter in this space and could triple investor money in 2022, said Raj A Kapoor, founder of India BlockChain Alliance over the past few months.  Not only that, Axie Infinity deviates significantly from traditional gaming by providing ownership.  Axie also became a non-fungible token (NFT) and can be used in gameplay or monetized in a marketplace, "he added.

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SafePlus (SPLUS)

It is the first token to introduce the concept of a variety of passive income via crypto tokens.  SafePlus is a deflationary token that was created to reward holders.  Holders earn not only from the token, but also from their passive income.  long-term income, in addition to the value of the token, which can go up, "added TP Global FX's Sharma.

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Decentralized Land (MANA)

It's also a metaverse game, domination and transition from a concept to something much more concrete.  Virtual reality is a trend to watch for in 2022.  A decentralized virtual reality platform powered by Ethereum. ”Decentraland allows users to purchase virtual land to create and monetize content as more users move through online space.  Decentraland is already seeing a surge in investor interest that is likely to continue as both people and businesses seek to build an early presence in the Metaverse, "said Kapoor of the India BlockChain Alliance.

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Island Girls (IGIRL)

It's a community-operated token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and includes real-world joys via NFTs, Metaverse, and Play2Earn gaming.  The owners of Island Girl Token (IGIRL) are immediately compensated with even more IGIRL symbols with every purchase. "The task was initiated meticulously and sensibly, their liquidity was secured for 94 years and their possession was waived. The Island Girl Tokenomics are with  2. Constructed% rewards, 2% contributed to liquidity and also 6% to marketing, "said Nitish Sharma, Global CEO, TP Global FX.

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Polkadot (DOT)

After hitting $ 55 in November, this crypto has fallen more than 55 percent following the recent collapse of cryptocurrencies.  However, it has managed to stay in the top 10 crypto tokens in terms of market capitalization.  Raj A Kapoor said, "Unlike other cryptos, Polkadot is referred to as the blockchain of blockchains as it can seamlessly connect other blockchain networks over 300 projects being built on the Polkadot ecosystem, this crypto is expected to be a good solid for a long time  Make purchase for the year."

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