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10 NGOs working for girl child education in India
10 NGOs working for girl child education in India

In India, 10 Non-Governmental Organisations working to educate girls

Every year 24 January is celebrated as International Education Day and National Girl Child Day in India.  Educating the girl child is undoubtedly one of the most powerful empowerment tools.  It has become well established around the world that ensuring the girl child is sent to school and further studies can break down barriers created by traditional stereotypes and exclusions.

Better educated women from economically poor backgrounds participate more in the job market, earn higher incomes, ensure that their children receive education and raise their families out of poverty.  They are also better informed about nutrition and health care, get married at a later age and have fewer children if they choose to be mothers.

As India celebrates International Day of Education and National Day of the Girl Child, we look at top NGOs helping girls in rural and urban areas with low family incomes and lack access to education.

1. KC Mahindra Education Trust

Since its founding in 1953, K.C.  Mahindra Trust has taken several initiatives to improve the lives of deserving students through education.  The Trust's 'Project Nanhi Kali' is one of India's most comprehensive programs to enable underprivileged girls to complete ten years of schooling.

Under the project, young girls from underprivileged backgrounds get educational aids and annual supplies of school kits etc.  It allows girls to attend school with dignity.  The project has supported more than 4.5 lakh girls since its inception in 1996.

2. Educate Girls

The organization was established in collaboration with education experts and NGOs like UNICEF, Pratham Rajasthan, Sarva and Dream Catchers Foundation to develop the most cost effective and sustainable model for educating girls in the country.

Educate Girls strives to create a better future for girls to escape the cycle of poverty through education.  The organization works closely with government schools through community ownership, empowering rural communities, and mobilizing local youth volunteer ambassadors for education.

3. Aarti for Girls

Formed in 1992 in Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh, Aarti's main focus was to care for destitute girl children.  It was the first orphanage in the district started by an NGO.

Today, Aarti nurtures and supports abandoned girls by providing them shelter, education and opportunities to succeed in life.  More than 650 students from disadvantaged backgrounds are currently enrolled in Aarti School.  Apart from enrolling in school, Aarti provides food, clothing, medical and psychological care to the girls under her care.

4. Milan Foundation

The organization works for an inclusive and equal world for girls.  It seeks to achieve this through empowerment of young girls from marginalized communities with the necessary education, knowledge and skills to fulfill their dreams.

So far 40,000 children and their communities have benefited from the activities of the Milan Foundation.  By 2030, Milan hopes to empower 10 million girls across India and build the Girl Leaders Movement.  The 'Milan Girl Icon Program', an initiative for adolescent girls in the age group of 12-18 years with leadership qualities, is designed to raise awareness and unleash their potential.

5. Ibtada

Ibtada is working to empower women and girl child in Alwar district of Rajasthan.  It promotes women's institutions and girls' education in the district by reaching thousands of households over the past two decades.

It works closely with government schools to improve the learning levels of students and focuses on bringing girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to schools.  Ibtada provides free computer education to girls from rural poor families.

It also has a program to build confidence, provide exposure, awareness and hone leadership skills for young girls.  It is implemented through sessions in local government schools and village level girl resource centres.

6. Ek Tara

The organization's journey began in 2011 with a small group of children and women from poor families in the slums of Topsia and Tiljala in Kolkata.  Ek Tara aims to provide high quality holistic education to enable community transformation.

Ek Tara runs a program for underprivileged children through which it ensures that they are equipped with a strong foundation before joining the formal school system.  At the end of each cycle, students are assessed and sent for admission to various schools - private and government schools.

7. Sukarya

More than 20 years ago, Sukarya took its first steps towards improving the health of women and children in rural areas and urban slums of North India.  So far, those first steps and the Yatra have benefited over 50 lakh people in over 600 villages and 100 slums across the country.

Girls' education has been a focus area for the organization.  One of its most successful programs is 'Education on Wheels' which uses a bus equipped with teaching aids to educate children in the slums.  The project aims to educate children whose parents have no option but to leave them to take care of themselves during the day while earning for the family.

8. Snehalaya

Since its inception in 1989, Snehalaya has come a long way from focusing on education programs for a handful of sex workers to reaching out to other sections of the society.

From raising awareness about empowering women to offering rehabilitation to those women who need it most, to providing education to the children of underprivileged women, Snehalay has adapted to the needs of the communities that need it.  He serves.

9. Vishvodayaa Trust

The Trust has been promoting education, women empowerment, environment and holistic health care for girls since its inception in 2001.  Based in Chennai, the Trust's Girl Education for Empowerment Project focuses on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in marginalized communities, can access quality education.

Abiding by the Right to Education, Vishvodayaa Trust is actively engaged in collaboration with other agencies and the larger civil society to truly support the education of the girl child.

10. Dream Girl Foundation

Established in the year 2003, Dream Girl Foundation is engaged in providing better future to underprivileged girls by providing them education and other basic necessities.  It has a team of teachers, doctors and other volunteers, who work for the betterment of underprivileged girls.

The Foundation works closely with the authorities to stop the exploitation of the girl child in the underprivileged sections of the society.

Source: V Kumara Swamy, Give India, Direct News 99