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Work Is Workship - Importance of Work in our Life
Work Is Worship - Importance of Work in our Life

Work Is Worship: Overview and 10 Important Lines

When we hear the term worship, it conjures up images of divinity, dedication, and devotion in our minds. It's because people of all faiths worship God with complete commitment & focus. Isn't that correct? 'Work is Worship' is a well-known saying that conveys a vital lesson to the entire human race. It says that we all should always value our work and perform it with sincerity, just as we worship God with complete devotion. To put it another way, work is the only true form of worship for humans. God is also supporting only those who recognise the value of effort and are committed to doing so.

10 Important Lines on "Work Is Worship"

1) Mahatma Gandhi was the first one to propose the phrase "Work is Worship."

2) 'Work is Worship' emphasises the significance of work in people's lives.

3) It implies that we must constantly conduct our task properly, regardless of whether or not we expect productive outcomes.

4) The true joy of life comes from devoting oneself completely to one's profession.

5) People who do not value their work are doomed to fail.

6) Worshiping work is more essential than worshipping God since it is a means of obtaining everything.

7) Working helps in the improvement of confidence & concentration.

8) We are only able to experience new technologies due of someone's hard effort.

9) In a human's life, work is the key to success.

10) It instils in individuals a good attitude about their profession.

Courtesy: Kunal Thakur, Direct News 99