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What is Biodiversity? Why is it important?
What is Biodiversity and Why is it important?

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity refers to the occurrence of various plant, animal, reptile, and bird species on a given area of land. Every living thing is included in this term. Biodiversity is critical for sustaining a place's ecological equilibrium.

The term "biodiversity" refers to the diversity of biological found in a given area. And the term biology refers to anything that has existed in nature. It encompasses all living creatures and organisms in a certain area.

Biodiversity has the following implications, which are listed below

Productive Importance

When a place has a lot of biodiversity, it produces a lot of things that are valuable to humanity. Homo sapiens use and sell a variety of fruits, medicines, and other goods to make a living. It also contains a variety of natural assets, like as water, that are necessary for living creatures to survive.

Economic Importance

A location's biodiversity gives bread and butter to many people. Farmers & petty traders are strongly tied to biodiversity; they cultivate & trade the things that biodiversity provides in order to make a living.

Environmental Importance

Biodiversity is critical for a place's ecological equilibrium to be maintained. Because all species are interrelated, if a place's biodiversity is disrupted, so will its ecology. If one species goes extinct for whatever reason, it will undoubtedly have an influence on others.


Biodiversity is the lifeblood of the world, and it must be protected in its natural state. There would be no existence without biodiversity, and practically all species would become extinct. It also gives a wealth of beneficial resources that are essential for life. It is our most important responsibility to protect biodiversity in order to secure the planet's & species' long-term survival

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