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The Top 3 Cheapest EV Scooters in India
The Top 3 Cheapest EV Scooters in India 

Know the price, range, and charging time of the 3 cheapest EV scooters in the country with the finest features

Every day, the price of gasoline and diesel rises. As a result, the cost of electric cars in India is growing. People prefer electric vehicles, whether it is a car or a bicycle. Electric cars, as well as diesel-petrol as well as CNG engines, are presently being produced by some OEMs. Simultaneously time, the production of electric scooters in India has risen in tandem with that for petrol-powered sport motorcycles. If you would like to acquire the e-scooter, all information should be for you. Tell us about the 3 cheapest EV scooters throughout the nation that bring the greatest range for the money.

1. Hero Electric Photon

  • Price: Photon LI Rs. 61,866 and Photon LP Rs. 72,990

  • The range is 108 kilometers

  • Time to charge: 5 hours

Hero is a well-known and well-respected brand. Throughout India, Hero's Electric Photon scooter would be offered in two models: 72 in LI as well as LP. The 72 LI model is priced at Rs 61,866, while the LP model is available for Rs 72,990. But from the other hand, when it comes to range, one such Hero scooter has a 108-kilometer range on a single charge. This features a 76 V, 26 Ah battery capable of producing 1200 W of motor power. Their peak speed is 42 kilometers per hour at the same time. The battery takes 5 hours to completely charge. This one has a braking system, a charging station, a speedometer, as well as a clock all in one.

2. Pure EV Epluto 

  • The cost is Rs. 71,999

  • The range is 80 kilometers

  • Time to charge: 4 hours

The air-cooled engine of the Pure EV Epluto. It is powered by a 1800w engine. The Pure EV takes 4 hours to completely charge. This features disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back. ABS, a speedometer, and a computerized trimester have also been included.

3. Okinawa PraisePro

  • The cost is Rs. 76,848

  • 88-kilometer range

  • Time to charge: 3-4 hours

With such a starting price of Rs.76,848, the Okinawa PraisePro has become one of the cheapest EV scooters in the country. Aside from that, when it comes to its battery pack, it has a 2.0 kWh capacity and takes three to four hours to charge. This scooter has a peak speed of 58 kilometers per hour. This scooter's battery comes with a 3-year warranty that would not put a strain on consumers' wallets. This one has a charging port, DRLs, an LED taillight, a digital speedometer, as well as a trip meter. Price changes might be noticed in multiple states.

Credit - Komal Sharma, Direct News 99