5 Best FREE Google Online Certification Courses - Grow with Google | Education

5 Best FREE Google Online Certification Courses - Grow with Google
5 Best FREE Google Online Certification Courses - Grow with Google 

List of the 5 Best FREE Google Online Courses With Certification - Google Digital Garage

Google offers a variety of online courses to help you understand essential computer science concepts or enhance your Google platform skills. These Training Certifications provide you with the necessary abilities to make an impression on the job.

Furthermore, you may obtain a certificate after finishing the course assignments and tests to open doors with your company or others in the business.

The following is a hand-picked selection of such Top Hits Training Courses and also Certifications for learning about a variety of topics. There are both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) courses on this Google certification training list.

Google Certificate Courses: The Best Online Google Courses

1. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate would be a free program by Google which will provide you with the skills you need to secure an entry-level job in only six months.

It consists of five separate classes on essential abilities that you must know to achieve your Certification. The course package will teach you about IT support basics, computer networking, operating systems, and IT infrastructure services, among other topics.

The following features are included:

1. Basics of technical support.

2. Computer networking's bits as well as bytes.

3. How to develop your power user skills.

4. Services in system management and IT infrastructure

5. A flexible timetable.

6. Affordable programs with a 7-day trial period.

7. Learn on your own time.

2. The second best course is Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

The Google Cloud Professional Certificate throughout Data Engineering would be hands-on training. This enables students to put the abilities they've learned in the video sessions into practice. Google BigQuery, which is used and set up throughout Qwiklabs, will be covered in projects.

Throughout fact, students will gain actual hands-on experience with the principles covered in the modules. Students will receive a course certificate of completion after the course, which you may publish with the professional network.

The following features are included:

1. Courses that are entirely online

2. Adaptable Schedule

3. Prerequisite: Many programs may not require a degree or prior experience

4. Languages available: English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

3. The third course is Google's Python class

Python Class would be a free Google course for all those who wish to learn Python but have only a little programming expertise.

The course contains written information, video lectures, and a variety of tasks to help you practice Python coding. These resources should be used by Google to teach Python to persons with no prior programming experience.

The course begins with the basics of Python, such as strings and lists, then progresses to more complex subjects such as working with text files, processes, as well as HTTP connections.

This course is designed for those who have no prior programming expertise and are simply familiar with the terms "variable" as well as "if statement." This content, however, does not need you to be a seasoned coder.

4. Google's Android Basics is in fourth place

Google's Android Basic course has been designed for budding Android developers who aren't familiar with programming. This program will provide them with a thorough understanding of the subject and ensure that they have the skills they need to advance their career as an Android Developer.

The following features are included:

1. Industry experts' real-world initiatives

2. Adaptable Programming

3. Support from a technical mentor

4. Career services & personal career coach

5. The most recent great course is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The ideal course to learn numerous SEO-related tactics is the fundamentals of digital marketing. It is recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe as one of the best Google career certificates.

This course is divided into 26 modules, each of which allows you to dig deeper into Google trainer-created study materials. This study guide includes a variety of hands-on exercises and real-world examples to help you improve your digital marketing skills.

The following features are included

1. Learning at your speed

2. Instructional videos

3. Access to everything

4. Certification that is widely accepted

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