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These great smart TVs are available under Rs 15,000. Click here to know more about them!
These great smart TVs are available under Rs 15,000 

In India's electrical market, there are several smart TVs to choose from. If you're in the market for a new television, we've compiled a list of smart TVs that cost just under 15000 rupees

There's no need to be concerned if you want to get a new smart TV for your house but your budget is limited. We've created a collection for you that includes details on a few excellent and unique smart TVs that cost just under 15000 rupees. Let's all have a glimpse at several smart televisions.

1. Acer P

Price - Rs 12,999

This Acer smart TV is fantastic. Users may use this TV to run applications like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The screen size of this TV is 32 inches. Apart from that, Google Assistant and the in-built Chromecast, as well as two speakers in the Smart TV, will be supported.

2. Thomson 9A

Price - Rs 12,999

Thomson's low-cost smart TVs have helped it gain a foothold in the Indian market. The Thomson 9A series is the first name that springs to mind when discussing the company's fantastic Smart TV. This series of smart TVs support Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in. Aside from that, smart TVs will feature powerful speakers such as YouTube and Amazon Prime.

3. Realme NEO

Price - Rs. 14,999 approx.

Realme's product line includes not just smartphones but also smart TVs. Reality Neo stands out as the most unique of the bunch due to its affordable price. There are two speakers and a 32-inch display. Customers will also be able to use YouTube on their Smart TVs. This TV uses the Linux operating system at the same time.


Price - Rs. 12,499 approx.

In the Indian market, the iFFALCON Smart TV is now giving Xiaomi and Reality smart TVs a run for their money. A 32-inch display is included on this television. YouTube and Netflix are among the applications that are supported. It includes built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant functionality. Aside from that, two speakers also are included in the Smart TV to provide a powerful sound.

Courtesy: Komal Sharma, Direct News 99