In India, Google has made significant improvements in the area of climate change, and you will soon receive weather updates similar to this.

In India, Google has made significant improvements in the area of climate change, and you will soon receive weather updates similar to this.

To monitor climatic conditions in India, Google has teamed up with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). To assist people to prepare for and stay safe during a big rain, heat wave, cold wave, or thunderstorm, a timely warning is critical.

Google launched its seventh "Google for India" official launch, announcing new services and efforts aimed towards Indian customers. Google Classroom gets additional features, Look to Speak gets five more Indian languages, and Google Pay gets 15 billion yearly transactions. In India, Google also announced new efforts as part of its Climate Change Initiative.

As per data from the Indian Meteorological Department, over 1,500 persons died in India owing to meteorological conditions in the previous year. Google hopes to assist Indians in better preparing for extreme weather occurrences and preventing deaths. Nofer Peled Levy, Product Manager, Crisis Response and Weather, highlighted at the Google for India event that Google is focused on delivering climate change and weather reports in a timely manner. This implies that individuals will be provided information from the past. According to the IMD update, users will get a notice from Google.

1. The status of the air quality:

Considering air quality degrading in several regions of the nation, particularly during the winter months, people need access to this information to make educated decisions on how climate change affects their daily health. What kind of impact does it have? Google Search now includes the most up-to-date air quality data thanks to collaboration with the Central Pollution Control Board. People may now use a query like "Air quality near me" or "Air quality Delhi" to check the air quality at their nearby station.

2. Warnings about weather:

Google recently teamed up only with Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to create Weather Alerts to keep track of weather patterns. It is critical to have timely and simple access to information to assist citizens in preparing for and staying safe during heavy rain, heat waves, cold waves, or thunderstorms. Major weather notifications from IMD will display on your Android phone's home screen and in the 'At-a-Glance' area of Search on google when the weather gets terrible. With a query like "Weather near me," you may also get this information from Google. Such requests will be met through spoken weather warnings from Google Assistant.

3. Flood warnings:

The Google Flood Forecast Initiative has been working with governments for several years to build a technology that forecasts whenever and wherever floods may occur. This new forecasting algorithm has cut alarm durations in half, and we now cover around one-fifth (17%) of the local population in the impacted areas. We've sent 110 million notices to at least 20 million people affected by the monsoon season this year.

Credit - Komal Sharma