Specials Rangoli Designs For All Festivals: Easy, Simple, and Unique Rangoli Designs

Specials Rangoli Designs For All Festivals: Easy, Simple, and Unique Rangoli Designs...
Specials Rangoli Designs For All Festivals: Easy, Simple, and Unique Rangoli Designs

Easy, Simple, and Unique Rangoli Designs for All Festivals

Rangoli is an important part of many Indian cultures and rituals that both children and adults enjoy viewing and making. So, do you enjoy creating unique Rangoli designs? If yes, so you have to read this article to know the latest, unique and simple rangoli designs. 

In this article, we recommended you some simple and easy designs...

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Before beginning to make a Rangoli design, it is necessary to first comprehend the concept of Rangoli, its evolution, kinds, and significance. Rangoli occupies a special position in our culture. It is a form of art that is frequently utilized in conjunction with the greeting of a certain festival or special event.

These are the following names of rangoli famous in different states of India

- Rangoli is known in Bengal as "Alpana," which is prepared using rice.

- In Orissa, it's called "ossa."

- "Puvidal" is the name for rangoli in Kerala.

- In Tamil Nadu, it's called "kolam."

- The name "Mandana" is used in Rajasthan.

- It's known as "sathiya " in Gujarat.

- Andhra Pradesh refers to it as "Muggu."

- Chowkpurna is the Madhya Pradesh name for it.

- In Bihar, this is called "Aripana."

- Rangvalli is how Maharashtra refers to it.

Required materials for Rangoli Making

1. Chalk or white powder of a coarse consistency

2. As needed colors

3. As required, flower petals

4. Other decorative materials, such as Diyas, may be required depending on the design.

Instructions for Rangoli Making

1. Begin by sketching a rough outline on paper. On the ground, do the same.

2. Next, use appropriate colors and flourishes to fill in the rangoli.

The Sanskrit term "Rangavalli" is used to name Rangoli. It is seen to be fortunate and signals the arrival of any celebration or ceremony in the home. Rangoli patterns represent the event for which they are created. Sri Mahalakshmi, the goddess of riches, is represented by the Rangoli. According to research, it produces a positive energy field and lowers stress.

These are the Simple and Easy Rangoli patterns made at home in a short period of time. In 2021, choose the ideal one for your special event

1. For Beginners, an Easy Peacock Rangoli

A colorful peacock is featured in this lovely rangoli. Begin by designing the peacock's body and then expanding the design outwards with petals and colors. The vibrant color combinations utilized in various areas of the peacock are the design's standout feature. Fill the color in the leaves with chalk powder once you've colored them in. This rangoli's eye-catching characteristic is the check red pattern in the flower's center, which is packed with yellow and black colors. This rangoli is simple to make and takes little time.

2. Beginner's Flower Rangoli Design

This Rangoli design is timeless since it incorporates a variety of colored flower petals and maybe painted on any occasion. To begin, concentrically sketch the outlines of the circles and flower petals. From the interior, begin to fill them with flower petals in contrasting colors. Because the colors may be adjusted depending on the availability of flower petals, the pattern, and the occasion, this form of rangoli is extremely adaptable. Use the design above with fascinating color choices the next time you have a special event at home.

3. Rangoli with Diyas for Diwali

This vibrant Rangoli pattern is ideal for Diwali, the festival of lights. This candle is carved with a distinctive heart-shaped design and lit with diyas, reminding us of the bright days ahead. The use of magenta, green, red, and purple enhances and appeals to the eye. This artwork will brighten up your home and generate compliments from your visitors. This is a basic Rangoli design using colors and diyas that can be used for any celebration or event.

NOTE - Because Diwali is a celebration of lights, don't forget to incorporate Diyas into your design.

4. New Rangoli Design Swastik Sign

That's what you call a visually appealing rangoli design! It's a brightly colored pattern with numerous rich colors splattered throughout. The swastika symbol placed in the center looks lovely. Magenta, orange, yellow, blue, green, red, and navy blue are examples of contrast and brilliant colors. This rangoli takes a lot of time to make but it looks very beautiful. This is the one to choose if you want to show off your creative side and don't mind putting in some effort.

NOTE - This Rangoli is ideal for a Pooja especially in Hindu religious ceremonies.

5. Easy Semi-Circle Rangoli Designs

A rangoli pattern in the shape of a semi-circle is just as beautiful as one in the shape of a circle. With smaller curves and heavier patterns, this is a pretty fundamental design. This design appears basic at first appearance, but it is extremely attractive and well worth admiring! This rangoli pattern is ideal for sketching on your doorstep, in front of a business, or in front of a store.

Credit - Komal Sharma, Direct News 99