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Learn how to join the Air Force as a pilot...
Learn how to join the Air Force as a pilot 

Learn how to become a pilot in the Air Force

In 2021 the first woman fighter pilot to join in the Republic Day parade was Bhawna Kanth of Darbhanga, Bihar who dreamed from childhood to become an Indian Air Force pilot. She is presently employed in the Rajasthan airbase and pilots the MIG-21 bison fighter aircraft, Bhawna Kanth, who completed her IOCL Refinery DAV public school in Barauni (Begusarai), and has graduated in engineering from the BMS College in Bengaluru. Bhavna will be part of this plane's tableau of the Indian Air Force (IAF). Every Indian kid aspires, like Bhavna Kanth, of becoming an air force pilot. Now we know the whole information related to how to join the Air Force as a pilot.

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How can I become an Indian Air Force fighter pilot?

It is required to enter the flying branch to become a pilot in the Indian Air Force. In the air force flying branch, the country can be used as a fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, or pilot for transportation. The recruiting procedure is done from time to time according to various criteria for entrance into the Air Force Flying Branch.

Entry as a Graduate and National Defense Academy (NDA) Entry are the two recruitment methods. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE), National Cadet Corps (NCC) Entry, and Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT or FCAT) twice a year at the undergraduate level for the Flying Branch. At the same time, admission is granted at the Senior Secondary / Higher Secondary / Intermediate level through the UPSC's National Defense Academy (NDA) test, which is held twice a year. Let's look at the requirements for both of these tiers of entrance in terms of eligibility and selection.

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1. How can a 12th student join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot?

Youth who pass 10 + 2 years at the upper secondary level with physics and mathematics subjects can take the UPSC NDA test to be an Air Force fighter pilot for entrance to the flying branch. NDA examinations are between 16.5 and 19.5 years of age. The applicants who have been deemed successful in the UPSC NDA test are to be interviewed and the Services Selection Board shall take the medical examination (SSB). According to merit and the air force preference, successful candidates in SSB are admitted for NDA Kharagwasla training. Special training is then offered at the training base of the Air Force. A permanent commission as flying officers is awarded to cadets who successfully complete the training in the Air Forces where they can operate as pilots at air-force stations.

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2. How can a graduate join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot?

When it comes to graduate students, the UPSC CDS test, NCC special entry, and the AFCAT exam are all options for getting into the flying branch. The UPSC publishes advertisements for the CDS test twice a year, in August and November. Candidates must have finished 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics and also a bachelor's degree in any field and have cleared BE/B.Tech to be eligible to take the CDS test. Between 20 years and 24 years, candidates should be aged. Through SSB and medical interviews as well as NDA, candidates who have been successful in the CDS examination have to subsequently be accepted to Training Academy on merit and preferential air forces. They are awarded an ongoing commitment as a flying officer following their successful training and are given the chance to operate as pilots in the Air Force Stations.

Similar to this, applicants for the admission of NCC must be certified in C by NCC's Air Wing at least B and must have graduated with attainments of at least 60 percent marks in any field. Candidates between 20 and 24 years of age should be considered. In the month of June and December Indian Air Force for NCC membership is being promoted twice a year for job news. After training, the male or female cadets chosen by NCC are named flying officers in the flying industry.

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3. Air Force Common Admission Test is the third choice for a graduate to become a Flight Officer in the air force (AFCAT)

For a maximum duration of 14 years, the entrance of AFCAT provides Short Service Commission (SACC). AFCAT review advertising is issued in June and December in news about employment by the Air Force. Flying branch eligibility is a degree with a minimum 60% mark in any subject or BE/B.TECH degree. Candidates between 20 and 24 years of age should be considered.

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