Momiji Nishiya a 13-year-old girl of Japan won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics...

Tokyo, Japan's capital, is hosting the Olympic Games. A 13-year-old player from the host country, Japan, made history by capturing the gold medal in this big tournament. Momiji Nishiya, 13, won her first gold medal in the women's street skateboarding competition today at Ariake Park. Olympic Games will feature "street skating for the first time." And she did it on her first try, winning the gold medal.

Furthermore, two of the youngest competitors won gold and silver at the Olympic Games. A score of 15.26 earned Momiji the gold medal. As a result, she won the gold medal against Brazil's Resa Leal (13 years old) and Japan's Funa Nakayama (16 years old).

Credit - Komal Sharma